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Romanian Wine Tastings

Wine tasting is a fun and entertaining way to get acquainted with many types of wine. Wine tasting is a unique gift for family, friends and business associates. But the way of a private event, a business meeting or a trade show a success. During the Romanian wine tasting, we take you on a journey of Romanian wines. We teach you how to recognize the grapes and flavors. You learn that good wine does not always have to be expensive wine.

Romania has been making interesting wines for centuries. Indeed, an interesting mix of international and indigenous grapes. In recent years there has been considerable investments and modernized. Wine Country Romania now has more to offer than many realize connoisseurs. Want to know more about Romanian wine, Join our Romanian wine tasting.

Wine tasting is more than a bottle of wine

Wine tasting done with all your senses. Of course the wine’s flavor is important. During the tasting, you learn that the best wines also depend on a beautiful color and fragrance. Even the story of the winery and production play a big role in that. Bucharest Pass and City Card Romanian wine tastingDuring a wine tasting we enjoy these wines and learn more about the winery and land where the wine comes from. Each bottle is a taste experience. Wine tasting you do of course. We can tell you a lot about the flavors and wines. But a wine tasting we do together. You’ll decide for yourself whether we taste all kinds of wine, or that you have a preference for a particular brand or grape type. Then we make the wine tasting customized completely. You learn to properly identify what you taste. It is always fun as you learn to recognize during the wine tasting different flavors, colors and aromas of the wines and naming. You learn that cheap wine also delicious wine can be. A grower who has passion for his product can also provide low-cost quality. More important than the price that the wines are pure, and that of course has to do with craftsmanship. The winery grows grapes on the best soil, these treats with love and treats harvest the grapes at just the right time. Then the grapes are optimal for processing to fine wines.

Wine tasting for individuals

Tasting makes you family celebration or other special private function. During a pleasant afternoon or evening let pass different wines reviewed. You are introduced to exclusive wines that ensure an explosion of flavors and fragrances. Every wine has different layers and a unique finish. Wine tasting is equivalent to naming them.

Taste Wine with Bucharest City Card Romania Business Private

Taste your apple, earth or maybe berries? The wine is ruby ​​red, scarlet or deep purple? How come? What wine do you think tasteful and tasty? The question we want to answer especially when the wine tasting is: Why?

Wine tasting for businesses

Together with colleagues wine tasting is a fun and educational activity. Because the group has always connoisseurs and laymen, we provide information on every level. The wines have high quality, so everyone can appreciate these wines. The tasting is building slowly accessible and sparkling white wines to robust, deep dark red wine. What test you, and how you name all these flavors? Together taste creates a happy relationship with colleagues. That makes a wine ideal for team building during a business lunch or evening.

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