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City Break Bucharest


A city with countless opportunities

Eastern Europe is coming up with new cities to discover

Bucharest today is so much different compared to some years  ago and it keeps on going through a continuous transformation. Economic development and EU integration have brought many changes to the Romanian capital city, from infrastructure to culture and lifestyle.
Outside Bucharest one can still discover unaltered nature, experience rural tourism in old style farms, untouched by modern technology, where farmers happily greet the tourists and introduce them to their own way of living. Prince Charles fell in love with one of such villages in Transylvania and is coming every year since then for a “time travel” kind of holiday.
Tourism in Romania has been constantly growing in the past years, the country being a more and more attractive destination for leisure and business, and so is Bucharest. It is a great city break destination due to its rich history with influences from different ages, where one can enjoy a mix of architecture, impressive museums, relaxed green parks, a lively downtown, shopping, spa and so much more. Among other attractions, Bucharest hosts the world’s largest civilian building – Palace of the Parliament and Europe’s biggest park in a capital city – Herastrau Park – comparable to New York’s Central Park.

Bucharest itself is a perfect location for a city break for 2 or 3 days and The Bucharest Card will guide you through the city to discover its charm, culture and lifestyle.

We hope to welcome you soon in Bucharest!


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